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The robot, my (friend and) assistant

Tomorrow’s working world is about to undergo a radical change. Disruptive technologies – particularly the field of robotics – will revolutionize the work we know in many areas. Various studies on the future labour market expect a radical shift in the employment situation. The ING-DiBa bank, for example, sees 18,300,000 jobs in danger of losing out to the automation process by 2030 in Germany alone.

Robots are among us

This development is already being confirmed in numerous company projects that are researching and testing the use of robots and automated sub-systems. We are currently in a phase in which companies increasingly regard robots as useful assistance systems that can be used to perform routine activities. Depending on the industry and the kind of activities involved, specific robot systems are being developed that don’t require a human appearance and can be used efficiently in their respective value creation processes. 

Robotics as a factor for your future

In future, the challenge for companies will lie in integrating robots into social jobs that are (still) dominated by humans and ensuring that the employees do not view them as competitors, but accept them as assistants who perform tedious tasks more efficiently. To fully benefit from the advantages of robots and robot systems, companies will have to properly prepare their workforces for working and cooperating with robots. In this context, they could add the subject of robotics to the topic of cultural diversity as a success factor for agile companies. This means that successful companies and workers of tomorrow will be fully skilled in robot diversity.

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