Mega-trend Smart Surroundings

Our environment is hyper-connected and is becoming ever smarter. Both at home (smart home), at work or in the public domain, technologies are being implemented that use sensors to track living things and objects. They generate data in various formats and thus form the basis for a multitude of applications and services.

Systems of interaction

The complete network of every physical object in the Internet of Everything (IoE) creates systems of interaction that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. However, they also harbour the risk of constant surveillance. With smart environments, there is always a trade-off between ultra-convenience and data protection.

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Intelligent environments

The fusion of sensors involved in everysensing forms the basis for autonomous environments. They combine familiar and new kinds of sensors and various camera technologies with artificial intelligence; for instance, in autonomous outlets. People can interact naturally with smart environments using voice, touch or gesture recognition through natural user interfaces. Predictive smart environments can alert people to potential dangers (personal protection).

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Context-relevant services

In addition, location-based services turn places that have no direct sensor and camera infrastructure nearby into smart locations. Using mobile geofencing and geotargeting, they identify people and can offer context-relevant services.

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Mega-trend Smart Surroundings and its macro-trends

As a long-term sign of change, each mega-trend emerges in the form of medium-term macro-trends. Depending on factors like technological development, research status and societal acceptance, the macro-trends need different lengths of time for mainstream adoption.

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  • Drivers
  • Degree of maturity/mainstream adoption
  • Challenges for different industries
  • Opportunities for different industries
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