Innovation for the best possible 21st century

TRENDONE - We accompany you into the future

TRENDONE was founded in 2003 by Nils Müller as a trend research company.
In the meantime, our focus is on innovation consulting.

We are convinced: Only with innovations we can solve the challenges of the future.

Together with companies, organisations, visionaries, doers and all other people, we want to make these innovations possible.

Our mission: To create the best possible 21st century together.

Our approach

Creating the best possible 21st century together - this is the vision we work for. With inspiring keynotes, future studies, innovation workshops and our innovation tools.

Micro-trends are the basis of our work. Micro-trends are concrete practical examples of real innovations. These can be new marketing and media innovations, intelligent technologies, trend-setting products or successful start-ups.

The micro-trend format makes it easier to understand trends and develop new products and services.

The trend explorer is your source for over 35,000 of these micro-trends.

Innovation through transformation

We are convinced that the big change is always to be found in the small changes.

Our business approach was awarded a prize by the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas" in 2012.

In 2018 we were awarded the Diesel Medal, the oldest German innovation prize.

In 2018 and 2019, we were also honoured as one of the most innovative companies in Brand Eins consulting.

In 2020, we were named one of the "Most Innovative Companies in Germany" by Capital and Statista.

Our innovation-tools

We support companies in recognising and understanding relevant trends. We offer the right tools to use this potential to your advantage.

Choose between the Trendexplorer and the Trendmanager.



With over 35,000 global trends and innovations, the Trendexplorer offers daily impulses and inspiration for the innovations of the future. In the Trendexplorer, you can research the latest innovations and secure exclusive leading-edge knowledge about the trends in your sector. Thanks to individual trend alerts you will always be up-to-date.



The Trendmanager supports you in developing a strategic vision of the future for your company, business unit or product. With the Trendmanager you identify and evaluate relevant trends - individually or together with colleagues. An interactive trend radar offers an intuitive and comprehensible presentation of the most important trends and is the starting point for your strategic innovation work.


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