Connected World

The internet has become an integral component of our daily and working lives.

Never before has a single technology connected people as comprehensively. Social networks form a particularly important aspect of this development, as they have radically accelerated, globalized and democratized communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Mobile Internet

Today, every website, every app and every game has connecting features – the attribute “social” will soon become obsolete if it is included into every online interface.
Interests, opinions, experiences and even consumer goods can now be shared with others more easily than ever. Likes are the new currency on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The net culture has led to the creation of its very own online visual language, which is international, fun and less formal than offline.

Shared consumption

Curation has grown in importance due to the variety of content and the endless feeds in social networks. The curators are influencers or media companies who offer their target groups orientation by creating order from chaos and finding quality in quantity.

Shared love, shared support

Marketplaces are also moving into the online sphere. Love and business partners can now find each other there. Positive examples of effective human solidarity can be seen in the numerous projects to found new companies, petitions for good causes and attempts to fund films through crowdsourcing or crowdfunding.

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These are the macro-trends of the Connected World