Innovation starts here

Use our bundled expertise for analyzing trends

We take care of the complex trend scouting for you. Our experienced analysts qualify the countless trends. In addition to that, you will receive monthly curated research on trending topics.   

Generate new impulses for your innovation process

In the Trendexplorer you have access to a pool of over 35,000 innovations from different industries worldwide. Every month 250 new innovations are added. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for internal creative processes.


Leading edge in knowledge

Carry out systematic market-, competition- and technology-monitoring. Use this exclusive advance knowledge and stay one step ahead.

Your source for best practice examples

Present real innovations and concrete practical examples. This makes it easier to understand trends and develop new products and services.

Create optimal conditions for your innovation process

Best ideas in - best innovations out. Only the best input ensures the best output of innovations. Raise your innovation capability to a new level.

New ideas through global, cross-sector insights

Think outside the box and gain new ideas through cross-industry thinking.

Stay up to date systematically

Over 250 new trends per month. Stay on top of things with trend alerts: individual notifications about trends that are relevant to you. Always have your finger on the pulse of time. Without any research effort.

Share knowledge quickly and easily

Through our handy micro-trend format and monthly trend reports, you can share knowledge quickly and easily.

The Trendexplorer content can also be downloaded in presentation and workshop formats.

Save time and effort

We take care of trend scouting and trend analysis for you. You save time and effort for extensive research. Thus you can use your time more profitably.


Anticipate the future

Recognise important developments at an early stage. Be the first to see new opportunities. And secure the success of tomorrow.


Be prepared

Prepare yourself for the world of tomorrow and be able to react quickly. Because the ability to innovate, means to survive.

Work with trends strategically

We show you different methods for working with trends. Use the Trendexplorer in the most targeted way possible.


This is how our customers use the Trendexplorer: