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TRENDONE was founded by Nils Müller in 2003 and stands for worldwide micro-trend research. We are inspiring trend researchers and creative innovation consultants who accompany our clients into their future. Whether inspirational keynotes, studies on the future, or innovation workshops, our work is always based on micro-trends. These can be new marketing and media innovations, intelligent technologies, pioneering products, or successful startups. More than 35,000 of these micro-trends are available to our clients in the Trendexplorer.

The research tool that saves you time and nerves in human resource planning.
Sarah Behrens - Product Manager - TRENDONE

Innovative working with the Trendexplorer

How does the Trendexplorer work?

Peter von Aspern

Director Trend Services

Felix Schlereth

Junior Innovation Analyst

Bianca Stockreiter

Innovation Analyst

Isabel Schomburg

Senior Client Services Manager

International Trendscouting

Every month, we receive around 1,500 new signals from all over the world. These trend suggestions are evaluated by our experienced analysts. In this way, we separate what is important from what is unimportant. Then the most relevant trends are edited and made available to you.

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Trendexplorer Trendbook 2018
Trendbook 2018

An excellent idea

We were given the “Geschäftsansatz 2012” (“Business Approach” 2012) award by the “Deutschland - Land der Ideen” (“Germany – Land of Ideas”) initiative.

With our services and our focus on “cross industry” inspirations, we help our customers interpret innovations.

Sarah Behrens

Product Manager

Sandro Mergele

Senior Innovation Analyst

Sebastian Metzner

Director Researches

We accompany you into the future

Nils Müller | CEO Trendone

Robert Smale

Graphic Design

Astrid Wasitschek

Innovation Analyst

Felix Tegeler

Innovation Analyst
Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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