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Our customers come from a wide range of sectors, from medium-sized companies to large corporations.

The Trendexplorer is used by innovation managers, product managers, in marketing, research and development or for corporate strategy.

We support our customers at the front-end of the innovation process in building sustainable innovation capabilities.

„The Trendexplorer is now an established tool in our innovation management toolbox. Due to the compact preparation of the trends, the effort for the creation of the trend update is low."

- Sven Grave
Head of Innovation Management, Wilo

The Trendexplorer in use at Wilo

Wilo, the manufacturer of pumps and pump systems, brings innovations to light without a big bang. Sven Grave, Head of Innovation Management at Wilo, tells us how the Trendexplorer is used for this.


We use the Trendexplorer as an ideal opportunity to find out about trends and developments - and to get inspired."

- Susanne Nitzsche
Head of InnovationLab, Alba

The Trendexplorer in use at ALBA

How the BluehouseLab benefits from working with trends and driving innovation - an interview with Susanne Nitzsche.


„It is absolutely valuable to try out digital trends and a wide variety of ideas at a very early stage. The topics should not remain 'in an ivory tower', but must be experienced by every employee."

- Christine Mohn
Trendanalyst, DB Systel

The Trendexplorer in use at Deutsche Bahn

Christine Mohn von DB Systel, dem Digitalisierungspartner der Deutschen Bahn, verrät uns wie der Trendexplorer das Team Digital Foresight dabei unterstützt, systematisch digitale Impulse und Technologietrends aufzuspüren.

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