Mega-trend Consumerism 2.0

Consumers are developing new patterns of behaviour resulting from the emergence of new technologies, demographic change, the use of social media and the desire for a daily life that is balanced yet full of experiences.

Ageing customers

To cope with the fast pace and complexity of life, the number of digital and analog tools to help consumers with everyday tasks is rising. Ambient assisted-living systems are being integrated into the smart home and can be specially adapted to the older generation. The focus is turning to ageing consumers, a target group that is becoming increasingly relevant, and their needs. With personalised lifestyle products, VR travel or fitness and wellness apps, the lines between the generations are blurring. Habits that promote a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness in daily life (healthy habits) are gaining in importance.

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Experience culture

Mindfulness and the search for meaning also play a part in the experience culture, where the focus is on the experience and even the ordinary is supposed to be an exceptional experience. Technologies such as VR and AR are being used more and more. The experiences are portrayed in the manner of the showroom lifestyle, which aestheticises everyday life. Sharing in social media supports self-staging and shows a strong desire for individualism.

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Mega-trend Consumerism 2.0 and its macro-trends

As a long-term sign of change, each mega-trend emerges in the form of medium-term macro-trends. Depending on factors like technological development, research status and societal acceptance, the macro-trends need different lengths of time for mainstream adoption.

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