Mega-trend Planet Centricity

With a new sense of social awareness of the impact of previous human activities, a great many new innovations are emerging. Based on materials, processes and communication, planet-centric issues cover the entire economic spectrum.

Circual economy

The systematic avoidance of non-degradable waste in the circular economy is already one of the most relevant trends in global industries. In addition, efforts are being made to obtain new resources from old waste and thus develop materials in performance dimensions other than the traditional ones.

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Post-fossil era

Emission handling – that is, the capture and storage of gases that have a climate impact – shows how diverse participants are launching solutions to neutralise emissions. Ultimately, this is ushering in the post-fossil era, which relies on alternative energy sources, such as wind energy as a renewable energy source, solar modules, waste-to-energy facilities and the use of bio-engineering to produce energy.

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CleanTech design

In many regions, awareness of ethical consumption is also increasing, which is compelling manufacturers to consider early how what they offer is created. Within the food industry, this is already happening with new agriculture innovations, which link unprecedented resource efficiency with fair wages along the value chain. CleanTech design is thus emerging in a wide range of industries as a result of systemic approaches.

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Mega-trend Planet Centricity and its macro-trends

As a long-term sign of change, each mega-trend emerges in the form of medium-term macro-trends. Depending on factors like technological development, research status and societal acceptance, the macro-trends need different lengths of time for mainstream adoption.

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  • Drivers
  • Degree of maturity/mainstream adoption
  • Challenges for different industries
  • Opportunities for different industries
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