Mega-trend Engineered Evolution

Ever since the beginning of its existence, humankind has interfered with the evolution of natural systems. Equipped with the science and technological maturity, we are also going on to advance the evolution of our own body and its biological processes in a tailored manner. For example, we are enhancing our natural abilities and senses using technologies.


The principles of engineering and natural sciences are being applied to the tissues, cells and molecules of natural systems in bioengineering. In particular, genetic technologies such as CRISPR-Cas hold out the prospect not only of curing diseases, but also of developing new, resistant crop varieties or animals with specific characteristics. When combined with epigenetics findings, biological systems can be influenced in a targeted manner.

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Synthesis with technology

As well as biological interference, the evolution of humankind is being advanced through synthesis with technology. Developments range from wearables, which can be worn, to human enhancement technologies, which become a permanent part of the body, such as in the form of an implant. Not only do they overcome personal limitations but also make it possible to improve the senses.

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Brain-computer interface

Various forms of brain-computer interface bring about cognitive convergence of the human body with IT systems. These interfaces facilitate the bidirectional sharing of information and result in the fusion of humans and machines at a cognitive level.

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Mega-trend Exponential Industries and its macro-trends

As a long-term sign of change, each mega-trend emerges in the form of medium-term macro-trends. Depending on factors like technological development, research status and societal acceptance, the macro-trends need different lengths of time for mainstream adoption.

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  • Degree of maturity/mainstream adoption
  • Challenges for different industries
  • Opportunities for different industries
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