When hearing the word ‘health’, most people now think of a colourful array of products and services rather than a white doctor’s coat. Thanks to innovative services such as meditation booths at work, customized vitamin subscriptions and artificially intelligent fitness coaches speaking into your ears, we now manage our physical condition continuously.

Tracking of our well-being

What began with simple pacemakers has grown into autonomous tracking of our well-being with the help of multifunctional fitness wearables. If we sit down for too long, they encourage us proactively to do some movement and recommend active breathing if our pulse is too high.

When training at the fitness studio, the aim is no longer to reach an ideal weight but to feel fit and strong. Actively shaping our own physique helps to give a feeling of control and stability in times of uncertainty.

From private therapy rooms into our smartphones

Many people choose to turn their back on the pressure to perform in their private and professional lives, and decide to live more mindfully and spiritually. The subject of psychological health has been borrowed from private therapy rooms and integrated bit by bit into everyday life – even with the help of smartphone apps.

Advanced preventive diagnostics now make it possible to detect serious illnesses before they occur. In addition, standardized therapy approaches are being replaced by customized treatments based on personal data.

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The Macro-Trends of Healthstyle