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Local Indoor Farming

The world’s population is estimated to reach over nine million people by the year 2050. The demand for food and meat is set to grow correspondingly. In both the near and distant future, there will be greater efforts to make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and easier on our resources. 

Independent of Mother Nature

One solution to this problem could be indoor farming. Whether on a small or a large scale, the artificial lighting used at indoor farms make them independent from the weather conditions and ensure a consistent climate for crops.

Independent of Mother Nature

Planable income

This will prevent crop losses and enable plants to be grown in all seasons and to the same levels. What’s more, indoor farms can produce food where it is most needed: in cities. By arranging the crops vertically, large areas can be farmed in small spaces. This also brings an end to lengthy transport routes and refrigeration requirements.

Hydroponic methods also make it possible to grow crops without soil: the plants are grown using mineral nutrient solutions and the required micronutrients can be added at any time.

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