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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our online tool? Here we answer the most frequently asked questions. 
If you do not find the answer to your question here, please get in touch with us directly.

How often is the Trendexplorer updated?
The latest micro-trends are added to the Trendexplorer every day. Each month, up to 250 new micro-trends are added to the database.

Which lines of business does the Trendexplorer serve?
It covers all lines of business. We cluster our micro-trends in the following twelve lines of business: 
•    Transportation and mobility
•    Tourism and leisure
•    Financial services
•    Retail
•    Materials manufacturing and engineering
•    Energy and environment
•    Health and life science
•    Food and beverages
•    Media and entertainment
•    IT and telecommunication
•    Non-profits and public services
•    Consumer goods

Can I test the Trendexplorer?
You can register for the test version free of charge and without obligation, and start trying out the functions of the Trendexplorer immediately. Here is where you can register.

Can I export trends directly?
Every micro-trend can be exported in PowerPoint and PDF format. Of course, you can also export entire searches at once, that is, trends you have gathered on a specific topic.

How many micro-trends does the Trendexplorer currently have?
The German version of the Trendexplorer contains about 45,000 micro-trends at present, and the English version has about 30,000.

Can I share trends with other people?
The Trendexplorer lets you share micro-trends on social networks. You can also use the “send-a-trend” function to forward micro-trends by e-mail directly to colleagues or acquaintances.

Is the Trendexplorer suitable for collaborative working?
The Trendexplorer lets you file searches that can then be expanded by any employee who has access to the Trendexplorer.

Can I be notified of new trends in a particular field of interest automatically?
The alert function notifies you automatically as soon as we have found new micro-trends related to your search field.

What other products does TRENDONE have on offer?
Apart from the Trendexplorer, TRENDONE offers many other services in the area of trend research and innovation. To get an overview, simply visit

Which languages can be used with the Trendexplorer?
The Trendexplorer is available in German and English.

What are micro-trends?
Micro-trends are new, intelligent, powerful, structure-changing innovations that are already in existence. They are the first specific signs of nascent trends and thus offer a view of future prospects.

What are macro-trends?
Macro-trends are specific manifestations of mega-trends. They describe partial currents that exhibit a different effectivity horizon. Macro-trends are “small currents among the big trends”. Assigned to the respective mega-trends, they describe developments that can be verified with the aid of concrete innovations. 

What are mega-trends?
Mega-trends describe structural changes in society. They influence all areas of society and have long-term effects.

Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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