This is how our customers use the Trendexplorer

Our customer profit from the emerging trends that we cluster in twelve different lines of business.

Here we show you specifically how they use the Trendexplorer. How do our customers work with this online tool? What kinds of successes have they already achieved? How does the Trendexplorer help with everyday work and innovative business processes?

Product Manager


Being one step ahead. The Trendexplorer helps you to offer tomorrow's innovative products and services based on worldwide trends.

Strategic Business Development


Keep up with the future. The Trendexplorer informs you about trends and developments in your industry and supports you in the future direction of your company.

Innovation Manager


Innovations need good ideas. The Trendexplorer provides you with a foundation of novel trends and inspirations that allow you to optimize in-house and industrial processes.

Research & Development


The path from brainstorming to development is complex and time-consuming. The Trendexplorer facilitates your development process with simple scouting, sharing and reporting functions.

The Trendexplorer has the potential to help shape the digital transformation for a long time to come.
Peter v. Aspern - Director Trend Services - TRENDONE

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