The concept of sustainability now has an influence on a wide variety of global debates. The entire economy, power generation, production, agriculture and consumer goods sectors are scrutinized for their degree of sustainability.

Consumer decisions are now best made from an ethical perspective. Products and retailers who have signed up to such standards are proving highly popular among consumers.

Sustainable work is being carried out at the supposed end of the product life cycle too: the circular economy is the term now used to describe the reuse of unused objects and waste.

Zero waste concept

It will help to relieve the problem of disposal, at least partly. Ideally, no waste at all will be produced in private households thanks to the zero waste concept. Industry is also increasingly investing in ecologically safe production processes. Conserving resources and reducing emissions are now a priority. The “harvesting” of ambient heat and kinetic energy could, in future, create small amounts of energy to power small devices.

Comprehensive supplies

Food will also be produced while sparing our resources in order to guarantee sustainable and comprehensive supplies. Decentralized vertical farming concepts and a smart form of agriculture are already making a contribution to this.

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The Macro-Trends of Sustainability