Globalisation, digital connection and, not least, the growth in prosperity over the last few decades have multiplied the options for self-fulfilment. Lifestyles and life choices are becoming more flexible and differentiated. Everything now seems possible for everyone.

But what to choose?

Life coaching helps. People in need of orientation can seek advice on the topics of diet, career and life planning. Achieving fulfilment through the tools of a coach is one side of the coin, while self-optimisation and succeeding in the performance culture is the other.

People are increasingly projecting themselves as a brand and curate their own identity exhibitions in social networks. To be unique, products and services are being individualised to a very high degree. Personally designed clothes, media use and selected lifestyles all show that the motto here is: distinction not convention. Companies have spotted this and are rushing to the aid of consumers, with all their needs, desires and preferences.

Variety and diversity

Variety and diversity are not only becoming more accepted in consumer decisions, but also in sexual orientation and gender identity. Female force urges solidarity rather than individualism, and fights against discrimination in the form of racism, homophobia and sexism, while using popular culture as a vehicle to generate sufficient reach.

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The Macro-Trends of Individualisation