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Virtual reality creates a feeling of immersion

Thanks to virtual reality, users can take themselves off to faraway places or fantasy worlds and feel as though they are right in the middle of the action. Applications in the gaming sector are therefore highly popular, while it’s also possible to visit holiday regions, cities and apartments without even moving an inch.

Take new perspectives

In addition, virtual reality enables users to get a close-up look at political and social events or view the world from someone else’s perspective. In this way, international conflicts, the climate change or the conditions under which many people live can be experienced and boost our ability to empathise.

Social media and online journalism allow us to find out even more about the negative things going on in other parts of the world. We have never been so aware of the contrast to our own world – and at the same time we can still barely imagine what life from a completely different perspective is like.

Life through virtual reality

This is where empathetic VR applications come in – they help users to see other people’s points of view much more clearly. Virtual reality lets users take a look at the perspective of autistic or physically disabled people, for example, and thereby gain a deeper understanding of their needs. 

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