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Strategic business development with Trendexplorer

In strategic business development, shaping the future is an integral part of your activities. You are familiar with your company’s environment and get your company ready for the future. The Trendexplorer lets us take over trend research for you, thus also saving you having to set up your own trend scouting. All relevant trends and innovations are available to you at any time and you are free to concentrate entirely on your actual work.

Advantages of the Trendexplorer

Reporting and observing the environment

What trends are driving your line of business and how is the market changing? And how can you respond? The Trendexplorer gives you the answers. Each month, our trend scouting sends you around 250 new innovations from all lines of business. All micro-trends are already linked to the respective lines of business, as well as to the mega- and macro-trends. Thus you always see the connection between individual innovations and larger trends. The research function and the trend alerts enable you to find the micro-trends relevant to you quickly and easily. It takes only a few clicks for you to compile impressive presentations, which are already completely prepared through our professional editing process and ready for presentation before the board.

Foundations for new areas of growth

You can track predefined search fields with the Trendexplorer and its tools. In addition, it helps you identify new areas of operation. For each of our twelve lines of business, for instance, we show you which other lines of business are being driven by similar trends. In this way, we make it easier for you to keep an eye on other lines of business.

We are firmly convinced that it is worth being familiar with potential disruptions and approaches to solutions coming out of other lines of business. It is not improbable, after all, that the strongest vision of the future for your company is to be found in a cross-sectoral approach.

Inspirations for projects

With the Trendexplorer, you can keep in step with the times. Make effective use of this knowledge by sharing and discussing suitable trends and innovations with your colleagues. The powerful search, as well as the sharing and export functions, let you make relevant content available immediately. And even do so in your in-house corporate design or as a workshop template with evaluation templates.

Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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