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Research and development with the Trendexplorer

In research and development, you are working on the products and technologies of tomorrow. We want to give support to your projects by bringing up new questions through our trends and by incorporating new perspectives. In the end, though, you are judged by how well you solve problems. This is exactly where our micro-trend approach has its effect.

Advantages of the Trendexplorer

Technology screening and comprehensive knowledge

More and more often, products and services are being taken up by providers outside your own line of business. This gives rise to potential disruptions from technological breakthroughs created by companies you have not yet seen as competitors. This makes it all the more important for you to notice the key trends in your own line of business before it’s too late.

However, it is just as important to keep an eye on the trends and technologies in other lines of business, since they can create feedback effects that impact your own company. All this is covered by the Trendexplorer.

Search for partners

The Trendexplorer provides you with an overview of pioneering new technologies and products. The solution to your problem may already have been found elsewhere. Take advantage of our cross-sector approach and get in touch.

Innovation and knowledge management

If your company uses software for innovation or knowledge management, you can use our API interface. Our trends and innovations are thus incorporated directly into your tool. Just ask us and we will show you how the integration can work.

Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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