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Assess trends properly

Not every trend has an influence on your own line of business or company to the same extent. Some are more relevant for you, others may have no effect whatever on your company or only affect specific areas of business. Therefore it is important to evaluate precisely the influence of various trends. 

Examine trends carefully

Trend Radar is a tool that helps you assess trends by letting you use specific assessment criteria to get an overview of topics and technologies. Trends can be classified according to various parameters and thus collated. For instance, Trend Radar shows in a time horizon the significance of trends for your company and how they can interact. Consider the time at which a trend becomes particularly relevant to your line of business because, for instance, solutions will be viable and established by that time. 

Trendexplorer Examine trends carefully

This is how it’s done:

1. Choose coordinates

Choose a system of coordinates that goes with your company or products. The time horizon can provide good orientation.

2. Arrange trends

Now arrange the trends you have chosen in your own personal Trend Radar. This gives you a rough overview of which trends you should watch more closely in the coming years and which already call for action to be taken.

Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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