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Our tools and methods

How does an idea become a concept, a prototype, and finally a finished product or a service? Use the following tools and methods to validate, enhance, and challenge the ideas that come up in brainstorming sessions. Use Trend Radar to stipulate which topics are going to be of relevance to your company in the future and what scope of action they will have.

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Idea assessment

When you start generating ideas, it is especially important to find as many different ideas as possible. The principle here is quantity instead of quality, no matter how crazy and unrealistic the ideas may appear at first glance.

Radical Game

Innovation through combination This is the motto of Radical Games, since a good idea does not always have to be new. Quite the contrary, more than eighty percent of all innovations are an as yet nonexistent combination of existing knowledge.

Scamper Methode

When you have distilled out the best ideas, it’s time to polish them up, since the first, raw version of an idea is rarely a concept ready for market. The aim is to bring out the success factors and the value added, and sharpen the USP. 

Trend Radar

Not every trend has an influence on your own line of business or company to the same extent. Some are more relevant for you, others may have no effect whatever on your company or only affect specific areas of business. Therefore it is important to evaluate precisely the influence of various trends.

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