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Special research? Just leave it to us!

Do you have a specific search field and need innovation scouting on a specific topic? Then we will be pleased to support you and find the right trends and innovations for your project.

To do so, we fall back on the content of the Trendexplorer and our trend scouting network. Our analysts can activate our worldwide trend scouting network for you in short order.

Wordwide Trendscout Network

Profit from the network

This lets you profit directly from one of the most powerful innovation scouting networks and gives you just the right innovations for your project. All trends and innovations are carefully examined and selected by our analysts. The relevant content is edited for you in our micro-trend format so that it is compact and easily understandable when you receive it.

For you, this means that the results are made available in the Trendexplorer exclusively for you and can therefore be quickly and purposefully processed.

Microtrends workaround
TRENDONE gives me support with global micro-trends within the scope of trends and foresight. And the more technological perspective in particular is a very good synergy for my FMCG focus.
Jens Bode - Innovation Management – Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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