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Innovation through combination

This is the motto of Radical Games, since a good idea does not always have to be new. Quite the contrary, more than eighty percent of all innovations are an as yet nonexistent combination of existing knowledge. In this way, creating combinations and chains of innovations can generate ideas for new products and services. 
This is based on your chosen micro-trends. They are presented at the beginning of the game by a moderator.

Instructions for the Radical Game:



1. Each team gets on set of “playing cards” with innovative micro-trends

To prepare for the Radical Game, you first take a look at the Trendexplorer to find exciting micro-trends that pay into your objective. These can be innovative business models, products, or services, as well as new technologies or particular marketing campaigns. You can collect these digitally in a search, export them with a single click, and print them out on A6-size cards. For instance, one card could have “Apple Watch”, another “IBM Watson”, etc.

2. Now it’s the players turn!

Lay the cards in your group face up on a table. One player starts an idea chain by putting a card in the middle of the table and briefly explaining their own idea to the group. An idea could arise, for instance, by transferring the chosen micro-trend to one’s own business or objective.

The idea is not discussed, since the point is to produce a large number of ideas in a short period of time. The other players then add cards suitable for enhancing the idea. The most important principle of the game is: be radical!

3. Eine Ideenkette dauert höchstens eine Minute!

Dieser Stress ist gewollt. Denn unter Zeitdruck ist man tatsächlich kreativer und produktiver!

4. Is an idea chain round?

Then write it down immediately on a sticky note Hang the sticky note on a wall for all to see. This keeps the team’s output in view at all times and leaves the table clear for the next round.

5. Elevator Pitch

Then choose the best ideas as a team or single-handedly. These ideas are briefly written out and presented in an elevator pitch (with a maximum of sixty seconds per idea).

Lara Marie Brückner
Client Services Manager
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