Why trend research? Because we are living in times of change!

We are convinced that small changes foreshadow big ones. That is why we search for the latest innovations all over the world. We get new trend signals every single day through our scouting network with its roughly eighty trend scouts in 22 language regions. We filter out the most promising and start with these specific, marketable innovations. This is our approach to trend research.

We are convinced that a great change is already indicated in a small one.

Trendsetting development in all lines of business

We offer genuine “360 degree” scouting. This means that we search, find, and prepare innovations from all the world’s lines of business and walks of life for you. This approach makes it possible to give you a comprehensive overview. You can always get the latest trends from your own line of business, as well as relevant information from others.

Our approach

Every month, we receive around 1,500 new signals from all over the world. These trend suggestions are evaluated by our experienced analysts. In this way, we separate what is important from what is unimportant. Then the most relevant trends are edited and made available to you.

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Trendexplorer Microtrends

From a small trend to a big change

Our experts cluster all these micro-trends into macro- and mega-trends. This lets us start from small innovations to get to the big phenomena of change. Thus, all our trend topics are always well-founded and based on actual concrete developments that we observe continuously. Our macro- and mega-trends support your work at the strategic level. Thousands of examples of innovations help you get back to the operative level again and again, while clearly illustrating the topics and making them more easily comprehensible.

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